Taro's Select
Dear Mr. Yates,
Thank you for the opportunity to personally introduce you my pick.
Future Champion from Matsunosuke

Breeding business is very competitive. To survive the competitions, breeders had to specialize a certain variety. There are some breeders who produces grand champions. But most of them have won only with one variety. There are only a few breeders who has won the honorable titles with more than one varieties. I can think of only Sakai Koi Farm and Yamamatsu Koi Farm (AKA, Matsunosuke) It is amazing that in such a competitive world, one can breed grand champions in more than one varieites.

The Kohau I would like to show here is the Kohaku from Matsunosuke. His bloodline is more known for Sanke variety, but he has won grand champion at All Japan with Kohaku too.

When I first look at this Koi, it reminded me of the ZNA All Japan Koi Show grand champion winner who was 98cm at the time or 39.2 in. ( The picture is attached). Not only the big and dynamic pattern is alike, but the body confirmation is what reminded us of the champion. Even though the Koi has grown more than 22 in. in such short time, the body shape stays strong. It is smooth and natural. It is as if nothing has happened. I can tell that she has the body talent that can grow big without causing some troubles on the body line.

Of course she is not ready for the grand champion at Koi America for 2009. But it will be ready in 2 years. Your Kohaku won the champion when it was 5 or 6 years old at about 30 in. I think she can easily reach the size in 2 years.

On the top of that, I want you to look at its skin quality. It is only 3 years old, but has already start forming Fukurin or the scale netting pattern. I think she is going to be a definite candidate for the grand champion.

I recommend her with strong confident.
She is $7000.00. In 2 years, I believe she should worth at least as valuable as your champion Kohaku.

Combining with Hi Utsuri, I would like to offer $12,500.


Born in:
56cm (22.5")
Yamamatsu Koi Farm
(AKA: Matsunosuke)

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